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Benefits of Using Structural Steel

Structural steel is light and strong from an engineering viewpoint. It is a practical and safe solution for the construction industry and when it comes to seismic considerations and earthquakes, structural steel is definitely a good option.  This is because it offers unsurpassed wind resistance and comes with excellent fire protection features.

Being relatively lightweight, going from fabrication to installation is quick and easy. It also provides long life to a structure while providing more savings to the project owner than the other costlier options. Nearly 70% of fabrication is completed on-site at our plant and assembly at the job site comprises just 30% of the resources. It’s thus easy for us to create any shape or detailed architecture and we are not limited to straight lines. With faster construction, the structure becomes quickly operational irrespective of the design and build.

Moreover, structural steel has a relatively lower cost compared to other building costs. We generate curves, rounds, shapes, circles, and joint connections, allowing endless possibilities for new applications. And when it comes to steel surface choices, just a few examples include curtain walls, glass, stainless steel decorative panels, stucco, and decorative natural stone.

The building project owner will also find how the application of interior drywall metal stud frames on the interior of walls as well as metal decking floor support reduces installation time while lowering costs and overhead expenses.


A- Highest Quality at Low Cost

B- Seismic, Earthquake, Disaster, Fire Protection qualities

C- Ideal for Natural-Disaster-prone Geographic Areas

D- Fast completion and On-Time Installation

E- Fire protection and Minimal Damage features

F- Light Weight, Easy to Install, Sustainable

G- Fabrication of Any Shape, Detail, Architecture

H- Minimum Damage due to Ability to withstand Disasters caused by Flood water

I – Distinctly Light, Strong, and Flexible

J- Easy Fabrication on any Architectural application and Expression

K- Hassle-free Extension and Connection to Any Nearby Building

L- Easy to Demolish, Producing usable Steel Scraps

M- Applicable on Any Surface, Long-term Durability

N- Very Light in terms of Weight with long-lasting Properties

O- Interior, Exterior Dry Wall, Metal stud, Steel Stud

P- Floor-to-Floor Metal Decking

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