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Quality Control

Steelcon Group LLC provides structural steel fabrication, as well as architectural iron ornamental decorative work of the finest quality. We work closely with our clients in every step involved, right from considering ideas, plans, and initial design and consultation to fabrication as per the precise specifications along with on-site troubleshooting and guidance.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality service possible, as well as deliver products that can make us feel proud.  Our licensed professionals comprising architects and engineers will help transform your plans from dreams to reality; their official seal on your plans means that everything is 100% legitimate. At the client’s request, we can also provide a copy of the seal or stamp from our licensed architects and engineers.


Our professional services aim at the following objectives:

  • Project Feasibility, Studies, Surveys
  • Project Planning, Engineering, Architecture
  • Drafting, Designing, CAD Format, 3D Modeling
  • Structural Steel Q/C Quality Control Inspection
  • Consultation, Expertise
  • Estimating, Sales


Any project site, engineering detail, survey, or analysis of engineering project management can generate complex structural steel design and fabrication needs. We will follow your specifications and drawings, and can draft the precise CAD drawings noting all the structural details of your project idea. All of our structural steel products are thoroughly inspected.
Our quality control engineer is tasked with maintaining the highest standards in every product that leaves our facility.

Material mill reports, as well as inspection reports of our site are also available. We provide our clients, as well as any officiating agency dealing with standards requesting such periodic inspection reports. Every project undertaken by Steelcon Group LLC is continuously checked from beginning to end for quality control required by the applicable laws.

These inspection reports containing full documentation of all our works are retained in our administrative files for future inquiries if any. We represent the best in the industry: expert consultants, professional project management personnel, quality workmanship, and on-time delivery.

We also assist clients in generating realistic estimates for all types of structural steel projects, including all aspects of manufacturing and fabrication. Please contact our chief estimator with your contract, drawings, specifications, and any other custom requests, and we will promptly return you a figure regarding project cost, including a detailed analysis.

Thank you for visiting us.