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Our Mission

Steelcon Group LLC Structural Steel’s mission is to include computerized robotics technology to achieve the highest level of quality service in the structural steel industry worldwide.  We seek to provide our clients with the best of both worlds: quality service and expertise, as well as competitive pricing.

Steelcon group LLC structural steel is used in the fabrication of highly functional and reliable end-products, for both commercial and residential projects, meeting all specifications necessary to be legally certified in the United States and worldwide. Besides being committed to providing our top-class fabrication services to our clients, we provide invaluable training, consultation, and technical assistance to businesses nationwide and throughout the world, including municipal, as well as private and corporate clients.

We strive to develop a long-term relationship with all our clients which is chiefly achieved by dedicated attention to customer service and customer satisfaction.
We work with trusted affiliates and partners worldwide whose management and staff are among the best in the business.
SteelCon Group LLC is dedicated to meeting new challenges, embarking on new projects, and seeking opportunities to serve new clients. We work on new ideas through creativity and ingenuity, and constantly improve our daily operations by taking feedback from our clients.


  • Dedication to our customers
  • Leadership that inspires trust and confidence
  • Teamwork that thrives on inclusion
  • A friendly, yet serious work atmosphere
  • Quality that honors our reputation
  • Commitment to partners and affiliates worldwide
  • Attention to safety for ensuring accident-free workplaces
  • Generating social dialogues and strong business relationships
  • Equality in customer relationships, from the smallest to the largest
  • Precision in workmanship

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