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Customer Care

  International Structural Steel, Architectural, metal manufacturing

Steelcon Group LLC is the USA and Turkey-based company serving worldwide that has successfully completed a wide range of high-quality structural steel projects.  We are qualified to take on even the largest structural steel fabrication projects in the international construction industry such as steel buildings, steel bridges, and superstructure projects.

Our group’s adaptability, skill, and experience are proven by our past results and worldwide projects. With facilities and plants in the USA as well as Turkey, we are ideally suited to handle any steel structure project with  new millennium  technology, steel structure manufacturing expertise, and fabrication equipment and techniques for worldwide clients. Our professional and highly experienced team works closely with engineers, architects, as well as contractors, and consulting companies. Steelcon’s drafting, design, and fabrication works are performed with the most high-tech and advanced equipment available and our professional team brings decades of experience working in the structural steel fabrication and construction industry.
All completed projects of Steelcon Group LLC stand as proof of the quality of our work, and the fact that most of our clients retain enduring relationships with us is further proof that not only our works are excellent but also that our concern for our clients is of paramount importance.

We always look forward to lending our expertise and experience to our new clients, as well as steady clients with new projects in mind, and are uniquely suited to meet the demands of even the most intricate of custom designs. Not only do we offer quality products but competitive rates also. Delivery to your site will be on time, and we promise to deliver outstanding products every time. Our mission, in a nutshell, is to be as efficient and productive as possible, maintaining the highest standards all the while. In the structural steel fabrication and construction markets of the United States and Turkey, our goal is to maintain a high level of quality and technical services, providing the best support through our dedicated engineers who work closely with our clients. We aim to always provide excellent customer service, without any attitude. Your projects are our projects, and we treat all our partners and clients as equals. We continue to engage in new projects and challenges in both the United States and Turkey, and global markets, striving for success while embodying a philosophy of maintaining stringent standards concerning all aspects of our operations.  We aim for better performance all across and demonstrate our business values in action for our customers from the East Coast and the continental United States to those in Istanbul, Turkey, and worldwide. We love to challenge ourselves to meet all our customer needs, be they located in the United States, Turkey, or anywhere else. All can expect the same level of professional and competent services. We take all clients and projects seriously, largescale or small.

  • International Heavy Highway Steel Structure Manufacturing: USA, Turkey
  • International Structural Steel Airport Structure Manufacturing: USA, Turkey
  • International Structural Steel Stadium Structure Manufacturing: USA, Turkey
  • International Energy Transmission Tower Structure Manufacturing: USA, Turkey
  • International Structural Steel Building Frame Manufacturing: USA, Turkey
  • International Structural Steel Bridge Manufacturing: USA, TURKEY

We understand that construction specifications differ worldwide from country to country, and we carefully manufacture our structural steel products as per the accepted standard legal specifications. Needless to mention, all our works conform to AISC & ASTM standards and norms. Trust your project to Steelcon Group LLC whose sharp-minded professionals, skilled workers, and support staff will take care of your entire structural design needs. With excellent workmanship and skilled management practices, we are always happy to deliver products and services to our clients, the quality of which is unsurpassed by our Turkish and American structural steel manufacturing counterparts. We seek to provide our clients with the best of both worlds: quality service and expertise, as well as competitive pricing.

Steelcon group LLC structural steel is used in the fabrication of highly functional and reliable end-products, for both commercial and residential projects, meeting all specifications necessary to be legally certified in the United States and worldwide. Besides being committed to providing our top-class fabrication services to our clients, we provide invaluable training, consultation, and technical assistance to businesses nationwide and throughout the world, including municipal, as well as private and corporate clients. We strive to develop a long-term relationship with all our clients which is chiefly achieved by dedicated attention to customer service and customer satisfaction.

We work with trusted affiliates and partners worldwide, whose management and staff is among the best in the business.
SteelCon Group LLC is dedicated to meeting new challenges, embarking on new projects, and seeking opportunities to serve new clients. We work on new ideas through creativity and ingenuity, and constantly improve our daily operations by taking feedback from our clients.

We have developed strong working relationships with our customers and plan to advance further in this area by continuing to offer our customers value-added improvements and vertically integrating our business to support such improvements.  Our management team possesses direct knowledge of the industry, extensive research experience background, and unique administrative skills garnered over decades and no matter where you are located, you can remain assured that Steelcon will deliver the fastest, and most professional level of services available in the industry.

Our staff of engineers, operators, and administrative personnel is highly trained and can help you bring your dream project to fruition. Our expert team specialists can oversee any project, with any set of specifications, handling everything from customized design to practical on-site problem solving irrespective of your structural steel needs. Steelcon’s courteous staff will greet you warmly and assist you, and we are confident that you will be impressed by our manufacturing, design, professionalism, and overall attention to detail and have a satisfying experience with us. We are always looking forward to welcoming you soon. While appreciating all our customers, friends, and team members worldwide, we invite architects, engineers, contractors, designers, and management consultants with the confidence that comes from rich experience.

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