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"Celik Konstruksiyon Imalati & Mimari Tasarim Dekoratif Demir Metal Isleme"
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Our Revolution is a steel fabrication processing that leads to worldwide

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We build for the greatest nations globally

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We have accomplished and build

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SteelCon Group LLC, is a NY based company that has successfully completed a wide range of high quality structural steel projects. We are proudly serving Tristate area and worldwide with Top Quality Structural Steel  fabrication.

We are qualified to take the largest projects on the international construction industry as a structural steel fabricator. SteelCon can add capacity and capabilities to your company.  As a specialist sub-contract fabricator we can work with you delivering the super Structures of Structural Steel assemblies; which your choice not does in house.  If a part of your project is too heavy for you to lift, has significant weld content, is complex in nature, requires machining as part of the fabrication process, or you just need additional capacity, SteelCon can be your partner to help delivery your project. Our applications such as Structural steel buildings, Structural steel bridges.  Our adaptability, skill, and experience is proven by our past results.

Our facility plants located in East Coast, USA, and as well as in TURKEY, we are ideally suited to handle any Structural steel project fabrication and installation, anywhere on the world. SteelCon has extremely modern facility and detailing facilities on the plant, with over (60,000 sq. ft.) in house working capacity. The workshops offer an overhead lift capacity up to dual 30 tons and are equipped with modern plant and machinery including automatic drill line, which is a 9 spindle, Peddinghaus BDL 1250/9. CNC operated profile machines which we do also include in our inventory as well as Peddinghaus Cambering, Band Saw, Coping and Plate Line. Additionally, we have a 3D modeling and surveying system to assist with complex fabrications and inspection.

Our Engineering team works closely with the Clients, Architects, as well as Contractors, Consulting and managing Company’s.  Structural Steel fabrication is a very responsible work, when it concerns all aspects of steel structure fabrication detailing and manufacturing in the construction industry.  Our drafting, design, and fabrication detailing are performed with the most high tech, advanced equipment available today including Tekla, SDS, and Autodesk Revit.  Our Engineering team brings decades of experience of working in the structural steel fabrication and construction industry.  We have extensive experience dealing with all aspects International structural steel fabrication in USA and as well as in Turkey.

Our completed projects stand as proof of the quality of our work; the fact that most of our clients retain enduring relationships with us is further proof that not only is our work excellent, but also that our concern for our clients is of paramount importance.

We look forward to lending our expertise and experience to new clients, as well as established clients with new projects in mind.  We are uniquely suited to meet the demands of even the most intricate custom design.

Not only do we offer quality products, but quality products at competitive prices. Delivery to your site will be on time or before, and we promise to deliver outstanding products every time. Our mission, in summary, is to be as efficient and productive as is possible, maintaining the highest standards of all time.

In the United States and Turkey structural steel fabrication and construction markets, our goal is to maintain high level of quality and technical service, providing the best in support through the efforts of our engineers, who work closely with our clients.  We always aim to provide excellent customer service, without any attitude.  Once the contract is signed we treat your project are our project. We treat all of our partners and clients equal.  

We continue to engage new projects and challenges in both the United States and Turkey, and global markets, striving for success while embodying a philosophy of maintaining stringent standards with regard to all aspects of our operations.  We aim for better performance each day, and gotten here today. The East Coast United States, and Istanbul, Turkey and worldwide, we seek to demonstrate our business values in action and keep happy clients all over the world.

We challenge ourselves to meet all our customers' needs.  Whether a client is located in the United States, Turkey, or anywhere else worldwide, all can expect the same level of professional, competent service. We take all clients and projects seriously, large scale project

*Infra Steel Structure Fabrication  
*Heavy Highway Structural Steel Structure Manufacturing  
*Structural Steel Airport Structure Manufacturing  
*Structural Steel Stadium Structure Manufacturing  
*Energy Transmission Tower Structure Manufacturing  
*Structural Steel Building Frame Manufacturing  
*Structural Steel Bridge Manufacturing  

We understand that construction specifications differ worldwide from country to country, and we carefully manufacture our structural steel products to accepted standard legal specifications. All of our work conforms to ASTM (The American Society for Testing Materials), and the AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) and (NISD) National Institute of Steel Construction helps to ensure the quality of products with a highly developed quality control program, which established standards and excellence.

Trust SteelCon, for your projects Fabrication with Structural Steel Fabrication's sharp minded professionals, skilled iron workers, and support staff for your Structural Steel project.  We are always happy to provide excellent workmanship, skilled management, and a quality product surpassed by none.

Turkish, American Structural Steel’s mission is to provide the latest in cutting-edge computerized robotics technology to achieve the highest level of quality service in the structural steel industry, and worldwide.  We seek to provide our clients with the best of both worlds: quality service and expertise, as well as competitive pricing we will beat or match anyone’s price on the east coast.
Our structural steel is used in the fabrication of highly functional and reliable end-products, for both commercial and residential projects, meeting all specifications necessary to be legally certified in the United States and  worldwide.
Turkish, American Structural Steel Company is committed to providing our fabrication services to clients, as well as invaluable training, consultation, and technical assistance.  We provide all this to businesses nationwide and throughout the world, municipal, as well as private and corporate clients.

We strive, with all our clients, to develop a long-term relationship, which is chiefly achieved by a dedicated attention to customer service and customer satisfaction.  We work with trusted affiliates and partners worldwide, companies whose management and staff we are confident to say are among the best in the business.
Turkish, American Structural Steel is dedicated to meeting new challenges, embark on new projects, have the opportunity to meet new clients whom we can serve, as well as develop new ideas through creativity and ingenuity, all the while improving our daily operations through diligent feedback. We have developed strong working relationships with our customers and plan to advance further in this area by continuing to offer customers value-added improvements and vertically integrate our business to support such improvements. SteelCon’s Structural Steel fabrication has a management team with direct knowledge of the industry, extensive research experience, and unique administrative skills garnered by decades in the International structural steel manufacturing Eastern Europe, TURKEY, USA and WORLDWIDE.

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